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Kayla Ferrel: America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 17 - All-Stars.
Woww, i miss you all guys. lol. It’s been a long time guys!! Sorry for not updating this blog anymore, been busy with school. lol

Anyways, I can’t wait to see Kayla on the all stars Cycle this coming September 19!!! :D

Another Spoiler Guys!!

4 girls have gone home as of the day of the runway. The girls were modeling designs by Kim Khloe Kourtney Kardashian “KK” and the challenge winner was Lisa. She choose Bre to share the challenge prize with her. Eliminated girls so far are Sheena, Isis, Camille, Brittany.

America’s Next top Model Cycle 17 All Stars Cycle Spoilers!!!!
First Photoshoot : Embodying your ANTM personality
The final 10 girls walk in a Kardashian fashion show.
Shannon - Shorter, blonde with highlights.Camille - Looks exactly the same (possible she was eliminated before makeovers)Brittany - Fuller, but looks the same in Ep1 (maybe more highlights)Bianca - Longer, darker, slicked back not much different. Dominique - Longer with blonde highlights. Isis - same (possible she was eliminated before makeovers)Sheena - same (possible she was eliminated before makeovers)Allison - Fuller, blonde extensions (same as her cycle 12 makeover)Laura - Shoulder length hair with highlights.Angelea - long brown hair extensionsKayla - coppery brownish red, more extensions and highlightsBre - short buzzed back with long bangs (terra-esque cycle 15)Lisa - same as her cycle 5 makeover.Alexandria - short, shoulder length hair with curls.
Who’s excited for ANTM All-Stars? Who are you rooting for?
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Kayla Ferrel - Cycle 15 & Cycle 17
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The Overseas Destination of ANTM 17 All-Stars will be Jerusalem According to Wikipedia :) But I cant see it now maybe someone Deleted the page for cycle 17 in Wikipedia or something. THAT’S NOT YET 100% Sure :)